The silhouette of these sweaters is very feminine and the big touch is the bubble sleeve with long fitted cuffs, which makes them perfect pieces to add a delicate touch of modern style to any outfit.

Great for jeans, perfect for dressy pants or a pencil skirt.

They feel like a second skin adding a touch of color and interesting print designs to any plain bottom.

We chose an amazing new material called vegan cashmere

Vegan cashmere is a new eco-friendly fabric made from a byproduct of soybean processing. It has the softness and luster of silk, the drape and durability of cotton, and the warmth and comfort of cashmere.

There are 2 different kinds of vegan cashmere: brushed and merino.

The brushed texture has a more hairy-warm feeling and the merino one has a more silky feeling to the touch.

Both of them are extremely soft inside and out.

The inside looks and feels just like soft cotton and you can machine wash them.

Extremely light and warm is the perfect piece to take on a trip.
The sequins tops are the same silhouette than the sweaters with shorter sleeves and I chose a stretch soft embroidered velvet with very small and cute sequins. It's the perfect party top !