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Besides my line, I do customized pieces for particular clients.
I learnt the ancient techniques of couture  from my French grandmother and her sisters who worked for Germain and Chanel in Paris in the 1920's .
From the delicate hand stitching finishing to the handmade embroidering,
adding to that my tailoring background .
Couture is an art form to create unique wearable pieces made by measure to the exact size and shape of the client and  is a fascinating technique that requires a combination of cutting, sewing, ironing and shaping of  the materials as the process unfolds creating almost sculptured garments.

As I have been alway fascinated by art and fashion history,costumes are something close to my heart and each one of them is a brand new challenge that push me forward to try new techniques and the use of the most unusual materials to recreate a character.

 The most rewarding part of this one of a kind pieces, is to be able to embody the client's own vision together with the spirit of the piece itself so, when they wear them, they feel it as a second skin; their alter egos, their dreams,their treasures of the moment.
Therefore I share with each one of my clients the whole process and in the meantime, I am honored to meet amazing human beings who trust me to be the creative hand to channel their wishes. 
Here is a gallery of some of those works.


                For Maria R.
Four played silk red strapless long dress.
Inspiration:Gucci Spring 2013

                            Different pieces fro Militia.
Militia is an amazing singer and performer and I love to work with her
Here is "skully " (as we called her shoulder's piece), a sequins jumpsuit and "Casandra" the 7 chains and feathers (one shoulder piece)  

                         Game of the Thrones Prince Wolf costume for James
                                    James was going to the Comic Con in New York
                                and wanted to dress as this character from the show

I made a tailored long jacket in Italian grey wool stripes and a cape in Italian wool brocade that                           matches the sleeves of the jacket as in the original outfit 

                            Silk jersey dress for Milly C.50's birthday party
                    What a great lady and what a great dress! 
 Draped from the hips line down side to side,the lower back line is stunning 
           and more stunning was the strass brooch that we found for it.
                We had so much fun shopping for materials together! 


    "Juliet in the Balcony" for 13 years old figure skating competitor Albertine
   Her mom Lisa gave me the theme of the costume and I design this open back      romantic dress in tones of ice grey and light purple with embroidered front                          torso,embroidered belt and Swarovski crystals 
             Albertine won the final competition wearing my creation   


                          Halloween costume for myself 2014
I love!!!! Halloween is my favorite festivity of the year.
I decided to break the myth of Snow White as a silly girl and imagine her coming back from death full of rage zombie warrior style,willing to take over her reign.
I used several techniques of paper mache and polyurethane resins to construct the corset and a lot of fun building the long feathers collar.
I gave it "the" touch by adding to my outfit bloody zombie contact eyes and great make up done my soul daugther Jasmine. 
I went to my good friends Vincent and Jo party and had a lot of fun !

                   Wedding dress for Diana.

                                                         Super Heroes 

             I love ! to make super hero's costumes ! It's when my alter ego Edna comes alive ! 
                Here is The original 1950's style Linda Carter made for Marielle and
                                         Superman Man of Steel made for Mike 


                                                   Lord Varys -Game of Thrones  

                                             Made for Comic Con super fan Gene  

                          Magician vest for Magic Marc 
    Inspired by the British dandy look form the 19 century 

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